What Happens When An ‘Awkward.’ Class Prez Meets A ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Killer?


We found out when Jillian Rose Reed and Norman Reedus
collided at the Guys Choice Awards. Tamara Kaplan better
thank her lucky stars that the most vile creature she has
to deal with is Sadie Saxton, because in a different world,
she might be surrounded by flesh-eating beasts with only
a wooden stake as her defense.
Jillian Rose Reed , the actress behind the fiery “Awkward ”
character, hit up Spike TV’s “Guys Choice Awards ” this
past weekend. And amid stars like Jessica Alba and
Rosario Dawson , JRR sidled up to Norman Reedus, who
plays one of the most-feared zombie killers on TV.
“So nice meeting you @bigbaldhead 🙂 #zombies,” Jillian
tweeted with a photo that finds her beside the “ Walking
Dead” star. Reedus’ character, Daryl Dixon, is the show’s
most laser-sharp and courageous killer (his badass
quality is expertly explained in the video below). In fact, if
the power of Tamara’s meticulous planning were on his
side, we imagine there’s no post-apocalyptic world the
two couldn’t survive. “Awkward”/”Walking Dead”
crossover alert!

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