Italy to repatriate 700 Nigerian prisoners


The Italian Ambassador to Nigeria, Fulvius Rusticu,
yesterday June 19th revealed plans by the Italian
Government to repatriate 700 Nigerian prisoners currently
serving jail time in Italian prisons. While speaking with
pressmen in Abuja, Fulvius said Italian and Nigerian Govt
officials were in talks for a Transfer Agreement
(PTA) and would meet first week in July in
Rome to conclude negotiations. He said bringing the
prisoner closer home is in the interest of the prisoners
“Each country is responsible for its prisons; the
logic in signing a PTA is that we think that it is
better for Nigerians and even Italians to serve their
terms at home. Already to be in prisons is not a
nice experience, being abroad is even worse, so
given the prisoner the chance to return home is in
their own interest. It is very rare for a prisoner to
want to stay in a foreign country, we have cases of
Italians serving in prisons abroad and they look
forward, and are happy to return home,” he said
No fewer than 15,316 Nigerians are in various prisons
abroad with the largest No. of 752 in the UK.

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