Ebola Virus hits Lagos; see how YOU can protect yourself…


Oh no!
We were all praying the deadly Ebola virus would not
make it’s way to Nigeria, but sadly it looks like the
first recorded case in the country has been detected.
According to UK’s Sky News a Liberian man in his 40s
has tested for the deadly Ebola virus, in Lagos.


Officials of the government in a briefing noted that the 40
year old Liberian is in a private hospital in the Obalende
area of the State.
The officials also noted that the hospital housing the
Liberian has been cordoned off and the victim isolated.
Ebola has killed 632 people across Guinea, Liberia and
Sierra Leone since an outbreak began in February,
straining a string of weak health systems despite
international help.
This would be the first recorded case of one of the
world’s deadliest diseases in Nigeria, with 170 million
people and some of Africa’s least adequate health
Ebola is a human disease caused by ebola viruses.
Symptoms start two days to three weeks after
contracting the virus with a fever, throat and muscle
pains, and headaches. There is then nausea, vomiting and
diarrhea along with decreased functioning of the liver and
kidneys. The disease can be contacted when a person
comes into contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an
infected animal such as a monkey or fruit bat.
There is no specific treatment for the virus with efforts to
help people including giving the person either oral
rehydration therapy or intravenous fluids.
Measures that will help in stopping the outbreak to
include; washing of hands often with soap and water,
avoiding close contact with people who are sick and
ensuring that objects used by the sick are
decontaminated and properly disposed.

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