Late pastor Bimbo Odukoya’s son, Jimmy & his wife speak on their marriage


Son of late pastor Bimbo Odukoya, Jimmy Odokuya and
his beautiful wife, Kemi Odukoya have opened up about
their marriage. In a recent interview with Encomium
magazine, the couple, who have been married for over a
year, spoke glowingly about their married life.
“Married life is great. We have been married about
a year and five months now. And so no complaints”
On whether they are planning to start having kids
anytime soon…
“No, we have not started making babies. Children
are very expensive so you must plan for them
accordingly” he said. Continue to read what the
wife had to say…
He says his wife’s sincerity and good heart is what he
cherishes most about her
“Her heart and sincerity is what I cherish most in
her. She has a great heart. She’s a great support
system. She keeps me balanced. She keeps me in
check. She is my better half” he said
On her part, his wife Kemi said being married to Jimmy
has been wonderful
“It has been wonderful. Before you get married, you
get loads of advice. I believe so much in marriage”
she said
On what she cherishes most in him, she says
“His heart. He is a very kind and caring man. And
that was the first thing that stuck me about him. I
met him through my cousin. I was on holiday here
in Nigeria. He is a good man” she said.
The couple also said they are currently working together
on their new record label, Housefire.
Jimmy also spoke on a relationship talkshow his family
is working on to immortalize his late mother.
“I think her legacies speak. There are also plans
by the family to start a relationship talk show in
her honor. We are already recording” he revealed

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