9 things every woman should know about vaginal hygiene & care


When vagina wash and tightening solution Lavet was posted online recently, many had misgivings, and rightly so, that it was an herbal cream used by prostitutes to tighten their vagina. Concerned readers, including a doctor, shared their experiences and advice.

It was a welcome development to know that we can take out time to help one another. However, this post is to shed more light on it and present to you, without sentiments, the facts about it and its ingredients which you can equally google up to ascertain the facts presented. This is your life; you alone know what you’re facing. Let’s set the records straight! Continue…

1. Lavet, made in Ghana, is not a herbal cream, it is a liquid made from herbal extracts and water. It has no chemicals. It is a clean, medical product that cleans up a lady, fights unwanted vaginal yeast, rejuvenates the skin around the uterus and restores the normal vaginal flora. It helps women to come out of their menopausal stage vibrant and refreshed.

2. Lavet is also not a douche or soap, No! It is a feminine hygiene liquid for treating toilet/yeast infections including candidiasis and staph, with an added effect of tightening the mucosal wall of the Vagina. It is a decent drug for decent ladies who want to remain fresh and have a vibrant sexual life, despite age, childbirth, menopause, or even menstrual cycle.

3. It is approved by NAFDAC (Reg. No: A7-1092L), with no side effects

4. Fact: After childbirth, most women become very loose; Lavet has a way of rebuilding the vaginal walls without a drying effect. The sweet thing is, it doesn’t just tighten to make the woman dry, it provides lubrication during intercourse to produce that sensation that makes a woman reach orgasm easily and enjoyably.

5. Fact: Vaginal discharge is natural, BUT if you have itching, burning and odour together with discharge, that’s abnormal! Lavet comes in handy.

6. Fact: The vagina muscle stretches. This can leave you feeling loose. If it isn’t as tight as you like, or is slippery, especially after childbirth, vaginal exercises, e.g. Kegel Exercise can also do wonders.

7. Lavet is ADULT USE only, and not for pregnant women.

8. In the USA, Lavet (called Lav) is $20 dollars per bottle, excluding shipment. (Check it out later on http://www.yeastinfectionshop.com). But you have a 48-hour promo discount and express home delivery in a sealed envelope via a reputable courier company, if you order now.

9. If you use it daily, a pack will last for 7days. 2packs will take care of most vaginal issues and that’s what you will get from us – 2packs! and a special report on what women should know about the vagina for a healthier, better sexual life. Bonus for early birds!


It’s okay to be wary of cancer. But ask anybody who should know, about the following INGREDIENTS: Purified water, Centella Asiatica sap, Turnera Microphylla leaves, Alumchlor hydrate and Vitex Agnus Castus. You can even google them. Ask a biochemist or herbiest. Turnera Mycrophylla leaf is used as an aphrodisiac and treatment of sexual disturbances; Vitex Agnus Castus helps with female hormonal disorders and imbalances. It alleviates unpleasant symptoms of menopause; Centella Asiatica leaf is an anti-microbial herb that has healing, boosting, toning and anti-aging skin properties. You have nothing to worry about!


If you follow the instructions and it doesn’t work, you will get your money back, with no questions asked. Even after 12months. That’s how much we trust this product!


§ Are you experiencing vaginal aging or a loose and slippery one, and you are scared or embarrassed each time you have sex with your husband/boyfriend? or your husband is stylishly avoiding the topic, yet you both know you’re no longer enjoying sex?

§ Are you always embarrassed each time you remove your underwear in his presence because of an offensive odour?

§ Yes, you shouldn’t kill yourself trying to satisfy a man but what happens to your own sexual life? Is it bad for you to enjoy sex and reach orgasm? What happens when you are so loose that you have lost the grip that gives you that sensation?

§ What about vaginal itching? You don’t enjoy your sleep any longer because of this non-stop itching. It has even given you embarrassing rashes on your private part.

§ Each time you use a toilet that is not yours, you won’t be yourself.

§ After your menstrual circle, you don’t feel fresh at all; there’s this odour that hangs around you.

§ Are you frigid and you no longer have the urge for sex?


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