‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5 Granted Permission For Cersei Nude Scene


Season 5 of ‘Game Of Thrones’ is filming as we speak, and the future of a pivotal scene of Cersei’s was in jeopardy after the city they were filming in refused to let Lena Headey go nude. However, permission has finally been granted! Find out how pivotal a nude scene could possibly be below.

Fans of A Song Of Ice And Fire will be glad to know that a very pivotal scene from A Feast For Crows — the material of which will feature in Game Of Thrones‘ 5th season — is officially back on! The city of Dubrovnik, Croatia has officially granted Lena Headey permission to go full monty — but there’s a catch. Mild spoilers after the jump!

‘Game Of Thrones’: Cersei’s Nude Scene In Season 5 Is Back On — Spoilers

While Game Of Thrones showrunners often don’t need to be showing women fully naked (in gratuitous sex scenes, as objects of sexual fixation, as set dressing, etc. etc.), an upcoming scene in the show’s fifth season absolutely requires it.


As TMZ initially reported, the local film commissioner in Dubrovnik would not grant production the permission to shoot a scene which required Cersei to walk out of a church and into the streets of King’s Landing. This is because the Church of St. Nicholas has very rigid laws about the expression of sexuality — that is, don’t do it, ever.

However, the film commissioners have changed their minds and have granted permission for the scene to take place — kind of. Lena will be allowed to walk the streets of Dubrovnik in the buff, but production will have to construct a set for the church, says TMZ. Not a bad compromise!
‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5: Pivotal Scene From ‘A Feast For Crows’ Is A Go

We’ll not spoil it too much for you, but expect to see Cersei being taken down a few notches in a scene in which she is both literally and figuratively naked.

Cersei is never seen without biting wit and flowing robes, and this scene will have neither! It’s a very, very interesting character moment that was almost denied by the city of Dubrovnik.

The scene in question is to be filmed in approximately a month from now, reports Entertainment Weekly.

So, HollywoodLifers, are you glad to hear that the scene will be taking place? Will you be tuning in to Season 5 of GoT? Let us know! (And don’t be too spoiler-y in the comments! Be cool.)