Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

Sylvester Stallone #10

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite underdog boxing champion and action hero Sylvester Stallone. Once a naturally handsome and charmingly rugged looking Hollywood star has turned into a man who looks as though he has been through all of the Rambo and Rocky movies for real. There are much worse plastic surgery fails out there, but it is tough to look at Sly now and think that the plastic surgery helped at all. Perhaps this would have been better left alone.

Stallone has been fortunate to enjoy a long and successful career that has spanned many decades. Even today at his age of 67 he still participates in the same style of action films that made him famous in the first place. Then again, he didn’t have much luck at any other types of films, since “Stop or my mom will shoot!” wasn’t exactly a box office success. His career in films stretches all the way back to 1970 when he appeared in the movie “The Party At Kitty And Stud’s”, and has seen success most recently in “The Expendables 3″ released in 2014.

In addition to plastic surgery, Sly has been caught in possession of Human Growth Hormone, which has been used controversially to build muscle in the human body. No doubt he has been taking it for some time to help keep his physique in the shape he needs to maintain his rigorous career. He has also used tattoos recently to cover up scars from injuries that he has acquired during films over his career.

Scary Lips #9
This is perhaps not a totally recognizable celeb, but it is a very recognizable plastic surgery fail. Nearly any search for plastic surgery fails will bring up this horrifyingly disturbing image. It is clear that, at least to a degree, this woman had some natural beauty. Though, nobody will ever be able to look past those lips. An extreme treatment of plastic surgery, injections, implants, and all other kinds of no-nos are what make this hideous monster an example of what not to do.

There are times when some celebrities have gotten plastic surgery done that is less noticeable, or tastefully done. This is definitely not the case. With this level of modification, one could presumably take a gorilla and turn it into an acceptable prom date. In this ladies case she basically did the opposite. She went from being a piece of arm candy to becoming the kind of woman you would prefer to leave at home, with the blinds shut.

The face and lips were not the only place that this poor lady decided to get surgery done, but it’s hard to divert your eyes away from the tragedy. She however doesn’t feel phased one bit by her psuedo masculine appearance and flaunts it with style. To her this is beauty, and that always rests in the eyes of the beholder.

Mickey Rourke #8
This side by side of long time move star Mickey Rourke is truly telling. The young man on the left who was the object of many women’s desire in the 80’s and 90’s has recently revived his career, but not his looks. Props to Rourke on the career resurrection, but better luck next time on the image resurrection.

This type of transfiguration should be a lesson learned for many of those who are considering plastic surgery. The quality of the doctors who typically perform plastic surgery on the stars in Hollywood is better than your average doctor. When Mickey went in for surgery to have a few things done to improve his looks, he came out looking like a totally different person. Now instead of playing the role of a handsome and desirable man, he tends to land roles as a movie villain. He’s done half the work already for the makeup crew, as he already has the scary face built right in every morning.

Not letting his looks deter the audience from his acting abilities, Mickey Rourke has wowed fans recently in films such as “Iron Man 2″ and “The Wrestler.” His emotional roller coaster in “The Wrestler” really revived the career that some thought was destroyed by his plastic surgery disasters. He not only reinvented himself, but transformed himself too.

Meg Ryan #7
The famous love interest from some of the most iconic romantic comedies of all time, Meg Ryan, was attempting to preserve her beauty with the help of some cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately for Ryan, and for us, it had more of the opposite effect and turned into one of the more dramatic plastic surgery fails of recent memory. As a direct result, she has stayed away from movie roles in recent years. Seeing Meg Ryan used to be a treat, and now its becoming a horror. She appears to have almost doubled the width of her jaw somehow.

This failure has Meg Ryan looking more like a crazed fan trying to be a look-a-like, but sadly this is the real deal. No doubt that she would look better naturally had she not had any surgery at all. We expect people to age, and not all people age gracefully, but that is no excuse to go and ruin things yourself. Failures like this really do make you wonder if Hollywood stars are suing the doctors who do this to them, because mistakes like these can literally cost the stars tens of millions of dollar in lost opportunities. Not to mention all of the emotion toll that this type of error could cause someone to go through.

Carrot Top #6
Everyone’s favorite prop comic (probably because he’s the only prop comic they know) Carrot Top did a lot to change his image in recent years. He got really buff, landed himself a residency in Vegas, but also had some really rugged facial reconstruction surgery that went very wrong. Some people have joked whether or not Carrot Top is just an alter-ego of fellow D-List Celebrity Kathy Griffin.

Fans have suspected that Carrot Top may be taking Human Growth Hormone to enhance his muscular figure, or perhaps even steroids. But that madness just adds to the total package of what went wrong with Carrot Top. His lips and face have the hallmark of bad surgery written all over them. His eyebrows are lifted so high off of his brow line that he looks more surprised than most people who bump into him in real life. This guy has just become a hot mess.

When you go up on a stage in front of people looking like this, you might wonder whether people are there to see the comedy or just to stare in disbelief at the freak show that’s on stage.

Renee Zellweger #5
Prior to her plastic surgery, Renee Zellweger might have been one of the best role models for women in Hollywood. She had a very understated and classic, yet still beautiful look. She was the romantic interest for everyone from Russel Crowe to Tom Cruise. But in the pursuit of her youth, she lost it all. One of the more tragic plastic surgery fails out there.

Renee might not look as hideous as some of the other finer examples of what not to do, but it is a sad story. Some people should just embrace their own beauty and their aging, and learn to deal with it. The plastic surgery additions tend to become more and more noticeable with age, and distract from the natural looks that would otherwise be there. She is still looking better than most others who have gone under the doctor’s knife, but some still wish she could have just left perfection be the way it was.

Her slight plastic surgery failure hasn’t stopped Renee from landing roles in films, and she still manages to squeeze some talent out here and there in her films.

Michael Jackson #4
Micheal Jackson was and always will be the undisputed king of pop even after his tragic death. Even though Jackson struggled with a rare skin pigmentation disease and sought out the help of cosmetic surgery to correct the problem, that was far from the end for him. Multiple nose jobs and other facial reconstruction left MJ in a distant form from his classic boyish looks.

In his later years, Michael Jackson looked unrecognizable when compared to his looks in the early 1980’s. His career even took a break for many years as he lived mostly in seclusion on his Neverland Ranch estate. He spent a few years raising his various children, before finally resurrecting his career. Right at the onset of Michael Jackson’s career re-launch he was fatefully killed in a tragic prescription pain killer overdose. The stars physical ailments led him to seek the treatment of a doctor who would dose Michael on a regular basis to assist with his pain.

Other than Jackson’s skin color change, his nose was probably the most noticeable disaster of all his surgeries. There were many rumors as to why he had his nose reshaped so dramatically, but none could really explain an understandable reason why someone would do that to themselves. Many times he wore a scarf or mask over the lower part of his face to seemingly hide his facial appearance from his fans.

Despite a later life filled with accusations and controversy, Michael Jackson was adored by millions upon millions of fans from all over the world. During his career he would perform to raving sold-out venues, and sell tens of millions of records worldwide.

Wanna be Bieber #3
Arguably the most disturbing inclusion on this list, a man named Toby Sheldon who spent more than $100,000 on plastic surgery to try and look like Justin Bieber. Not only does the surgery make him look like Bieber’s creepy brother, but the Biebs has fallen off of the deep end, leaving Sheldon to surely regret this obsession in the future.

Almost nothing about Sheldon’s appearance, aside from his haircut, even looks remotely like Justin Beiber. This would make you wonder why a young man would spend $100,000 to look this way. He’s starting to look more and more like the Scary Lips lady from #9 than the Biebs. This photo looks more like the booking photo at a jailhouse where a creepy stalker would be taken after trying to trespass on a celebrity’s property. We wouldn’t put that one past Mr. Toby Sheldon.

Perhaps the only person who ever mistook him for Justin Bieber was his near-sighted plastic surgeon, who pulled off a huge amount of fail on this mop top.

Real Life Barbie #2
Valeria Lukyanova, aka the real life Barbie is one of the most famous examples of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. The Ukrainian model spent tons of money on countless surgery to try and look like the human equivalent of the famous toy. The problem for her is that the toy is just that; a toy. When implemented in real life like this, it’s just creepy. This is something that Mattel should really consider, as this is the type of image that they are portraying as beauty to young girls.

The unrealistic looks and proportions of the Barbie doll have been scrutinized for decades by many women. Her looks set an unrealistic and unattainable example of fake beauty. She may look good when she is roughly a foot tall, but taken into real life height she would look ridiculous.

Thanks to the Internet, obscure girls like Valeria Lukyanova can find fame and fans to help praise her looks and support her continued efforts to look like a fashion doll. There are many who support her, and her habits from all across the globe. Her controversial looks and lifestyle have drawn equal amounts of adoration and controversy.

Luscious Lips – #1
Is there any doubt that this plastic surgery obsessed New York Socialite would top the list? An absurd amount of facial surgeries have robbed Jocelyn Wildenstein of any natural beauty, or even natural human looks that she may have had. Sure, she doesn’t look to be 73 years old, but by no means is she desirable either. It’s not just unappealing, its unnatural.

Mrs Wildenstein looks more like an African Lion than she does a New Yorker. One of the only parts of her face that still resembles anything normal is her nose. Shockingly she hasn’t yet managed to mess up her nose, but her cheeks, chin, brow, and jaw line are all shot up. This addiction to plastic surgery has caused Jocelyn to gain attention for all the wrong reasons. Let this continue to be an example to all of you who are considering having anything like this done to yourself. While these disasters may not be quite as bad as deciding to get your face tattooed, this isn’t really that much better when you think about it.